Design of user interface

We are your partner in designing user interfaces with the utmost emphasis on usability. While this aspect of information systems applications is often underestimated and neglected, we consider it very important - as important as the proper functionality of the application.

Exceptional usability is therefore one of the vital requirements for software products created in our company. Our UX designers have a deep experience in designing user interfaces, so we can help you with:

  • designing the user interface according to your needs in the form of UI specification and prototype (in the form of wire models)
  • definition and modeling of target persona, interest groups, user stories
  • analyzing business goals of users and specific use cases, scenario definitions, user stories, responsiveness to defined devices
  • user interface testing in a specialized laboratory (in the form of usability study )

USPIN educational game : UI preview

Game UI design preview
Game UI design preview

Návrh UI pro projekt Smart City Compass

Are you looking for consultancy or advice in the field of UI design / Ux?

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