Scientific research

We actively participates in various academic research projects and deliver software for special applications.

The following overview describes some of the research projects we participate in.


The BIRDS ONLINE project is based on the use of "Smart Nest Boxes". The life inside the Nest Box is captured on the camera stream, which is further analyzed by our algorithms (USPIN HOR framework), and deep neural network. We detect and recognize selected nest characteristics, including the number of eggs in the nest, the numbers of the little birds' beaks, or the numbers of adult birds' arrivals/departures

Real egg detection in the nest can be seen in the following gallery:

Egg detection example
Egg detection example
Egg detection example
Egg detection example
Egg detection example
Egg detection example

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We have developed software for the calculation of properties of wood during bending tests, in cooperation with the Department of Wood Processing and Biomaterials of the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences. Based on the inputs from the universal wood testing machine, the software calculates the physical characteristics of the force-deformation diagram and then provides the output in numerical and graphical form.

The Software is available as an internal desktop application and commercially available web application.

Selected screens from Mattess SW:

Mattess - desktop application
Mattess - outputs

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Tax Game

We provide technical support and application development for the TaxGame project. This project examines the possible behaviour of tax entities in reaction to changing tax rates and political and economic conditions on the market.

Selected screens from TaxGame:

Tax Game

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Orchestra application

We take part at development of Orchestra application, together with students of the Faculty of Information Technology at the Czech Technical University. This application intends to displays particular music scores for individual musicians within the orchestra.

Selected screens from Orchestra application

Orchestra application preview

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Games made by students

We supervise and lead the development of many games and other student projects at the Faculty of Information Technology of the Czech Technical University and the Faculty of Economics and Management at the Czech University of Life Sciences.

Shark hunters

Selected screens from the game:

Selected screens from Shark Hunters game

Play here: Shark hunters

Dogfight game

Selected screens from the game:

Selected screens from the game

Play here: Dogfight game