Process analysis and modeling of business processes

The first step in securing the quality of services in your organization should be to analyze and describe business processes. This logical step is also fully in line with the recommendation of the international quality management standard ISO 9001, which encourages the adoption of a procedural approach. The ideal tool for implementing this approach is process modeling.

Process modeling makes it possible to effectively describe and then analyze business processes in an organization and is currently considered one of the strategic knowledge necessary to ensure the quality of the organization's services.

Process diagram

Enterprise Java (JEE)

We participate, in cooperation with the scientific community of FIT, Czech Technical University in Prague, on creating a quality standard draft for process models. Process modeling can in principle be done "well" or "worse". Therefore, it is advantageous to be able to measure, if the process model truly reflects the business processes in the organization. That is why we have defined a number of process models' quality parameters, based on our own research and experience, .

Quality measures of process models

Enterprise Java (JEE)

In many process models, we have used the state-of-the-art eye-tracking technology to ensure the usability and clarity of resulting process model. The results of this research efforts have been published in scientific journals, and we believe they are sufficiently demonstrating our competencies in this area.

Document digitization

As a business partner of AiP Safe s.r.o, we also meet additional requirement of ISO 9000: 2000 standard - a safe storage of process models. The AiP Safe digital archive provides a safe storage and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) services.