Custom software development

We are able to implement software in majority of currently used programming languages from C ++, C # to Enterprise Java (JEE). These technologies are especially useful for:

  • development of enterprise level information systems,
  • enterprise service integration in the form of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture),
  • development of specific web interfaces using Java Vaadin technology

Vaadin + Enterprise Java (JEE)

Enterprise Java (JEE)

SOA and AiP Safe documents storage

We develop information systems based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). This brings the following benefits:

  • standardized service contract
  • the principle of abstraction
  • reusability
  • independence
  • statelessness
  • the principle of identification
  • the principle of aggregation

In the development of information systems based on SOA, we use the standardized procedures for communicating with a data repository (either a relational database or other enterprise information system, such as AiP Safe), with an application layer (Business Logic that represents the core of an application with all the functions, system logic and data processing) standardly implemented on an application server, and the presentation layer that represents the graphical user interface.

Enterprise Java (JEE)

Enterprise Java (JEE)

We are the partner of AiP Safe s.r.o., which has long been focused on Document Management Systems (DMS). The AiP Safe software solution targets both global document agendas and digital archives, as well as the Enterprise Content Management (ECM), which provides document management across an organization, including internal processes management using workflows.

Document digitization

As a business partner of AiP Safe s.r.o, we also meet additional requirement of ISO 9000: 2000 standard - a safe storage of process models. The AiP Safe digital archive provides a safe storage and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) services.