Services in computer vision

We provide consulting and complete implementation of machine vision solutions including the selection of a suitable camera system (lenses, cameras and other components), lighting elements, development and deployment of algorithms for image scene evaluation and development of custom software for configuring task parameters, and possibly integration with existing information systems.

The company's major asset is the implementation of algorithms for image recognition, applicable to a wide range of specific industrial tasks. These implementations resulted from the long-term cooperation of the development team in solving tasks of scientific and technical nature. Due to the large variability of these tasks, the generally available solutions (Matlab, OpenCV etc.) have been gradually replaced by our own implementation of classical as well as novelty computer vision algorithms. The result is a universally usable complex framework, "USPIN High-tech Object Recognition (HOR)" library. USPIN HOR technology is usable in many areas and problem domains - from industrial production to agriculture and services (typically security of objects). It allows our company to address and successfully solve challenging computer-vision tasks without relying on third party products and services.

Thanks to our own USPIN HOR technology, we can rapidly implement solutions in following areas:

  • optical quality control (material defect detection, machining defects identification, tolerance measurement, weld quality, wire thickness, etc.)
  • component identification, counting and sorting of objects (eg number of nuts, screws, cubes, number of pins on the dashboard or microchips, etc.)
  • image analysis from camera systems, object detection, anomaly detection
  • robotic systems control
  • monitoring and diagnostics of manufacturing processes
  • color identification (color-based sorting, print quality control)
  • reading and verification of codes (QR, EAN …)
  • assembly control
  • precise measurement with optical sensors

USPIN s.r.o. can offer a computer vision solution that are at least comparable to laser-based technology measurement precision. However, the price is much more favorable. Another important advantage of our solution is also the potential versatility compared to specialized laser gauges.

Realizované projekty a PoC

Thread groove angle and quality control
On-board component detection
Measurement of pitch between spring fibers
Lateral spring view- ovality check
Identification of component type according to color coding

Measurement of spring thread angle