USPIN, s.r.o. - Software Solutions

USPIN offers a wide range of services in the custom software development area, including input analysis and process modelling, UI and Ux design, and subsequent implementations of desktop applications, thin clients, or Web applications

The name USPIN expresses the main principles and technologies that underlie the success of our solutions:



We aim to deliver intelligible and intuitive software. Our solutions are always designed with usability best practices in mind.


Software development, security solutions

We develop highly specialized software for application that take advantage of computer vision and image processing.


Business process analysis and modeling

Detailed knowledge of business process in customer's organization is a a necessary prerequisite for delivering quality solutions. That's why we always begin with analysis of these processes.


Image acquiring and processing.

Image processing is the core of majority of our solutions. We use our own software library "USPIN Hightech Object Recognition (HOR)". We also design and build sophisticated systems for image acquiring.


Neural networks and intelligent agents

Neural networks and intelligent agents are an important and inseparable part of the solutions we implement.

These building blocks enable us to develop and deliver HI-TECH solutions in the areas of computer vision and software development.

Computer vision and example use cases

In the following video, you can have a look at selected examples of specific computer vision related use case solved with the USPIN HOR framework.

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